Adult Dog Training

Rowdy Dog Program

Are you short on time or overwhelmed by the process of training your dog? With our convenient training program, Dr. Wan will jump-start the training for you, leading to faster, more consistent results. This program is ideal for committed pet parents who would like professional help with training, but are willing to pitch in to maintain results.

Recommended For: Dogs over 6 months of age.

Sample Focus Areas: Jumping-up ★ Pulling on leash ★ Not coming when called ★ Incomplete housetraining ★ Basic manners (e.g. sit, down, leave it, stay).

Structure: During this month-long program, Dr. Wan will work with you and your dog to achieve your training goals. You’ll receive the following services:

  • An initial 60-minute virtual consultation to set goals and answer your most pressing questions
  • Four 60-minute drop-off training sessions. Drop off your dog with Dr. Wan in Westport, CT, and she’ll train your dog for you, using family-friendly positive reinforcement, while you run your errands! Your dog will get all of Dr. Wan’s attention; other dogs will not be present.
  • A 30-minute virtual consultation to check in and troubleshoot issues
  • A 60-minute in-person training consultation at your home where you’ll learn how to maintain what your dog has learned with Dr. Wan
  • Drop-in virtual office hours
  • Training handouts with easy-to-follow instructions

Result: Feel less stressed about life with your four-legged friend, and enjoy their improved manners.

Investment: $1,950 (plus CT sales tax).

“Dr. Wan was able to immediately give us some finely-tuned suggestions to correct undesirable behaviors, in a positive way. I was very impressed with Dr. Wan and would highly recommend her.”
– Terra’s family

Difficult Dog Program

Recommended For: Adult dogs (and puppies) experiencing behavioral issues or having strong emotional reactions to seemingly everyday circumstances.

Sample Focus Areas: Barking and lunging at other dogs (reactivity) ★ Barking at visitors ★ Guarding of resources like food and toys ★ Sensitivity to handling ★ Fear and anxiety ★ Other common behavior problems (aggression with bite history accepted on a case-by-case basis).

Structure: Over the course of this two-month behavior modification program, you’ll receive extensive step-by-step guidance from Dr. Wan:

  • An initial 60-minute virtual consultation, including assessment and behavioral history review
  • Development of customized behavioral recommendations and a detailed written behavior plan
  • Weekly action items designed for you and adjusted based on your feedback, so you know exactly what to work on to make progress
  • Monthly 60-minute in-person consultation at your home, including instruction on family-friendly behavior modification techniques
  • Monthly 30-minute virtual consultation for live coaching and troubleshooting
  • Monthly drop-in virtual office hour
  • Communication with your veterinarian

Result: Learn how to deal with challenging behaviors, and feel the relief of seeing improvement.

Investment: $2,975 for the two-month program. An all-virtual version of the program is available for $2,300. Consultations with Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists are covered under some pet insurance policies; please contact your insurance company for details.

“Many trainers offer programs based on fear and dominance, which we knew we didn’t want for our family pet. Michele’s intelligent, individualized and positive approach worked perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”
– Scout’s family