Want a well-mannered dog?

Get help now from Michele Wan, PhD, CAAB, a veterinarian-recommended dog trainer and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist based in Westport, CT.

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Expertise That You Can Trust

Dr. Wan has been assisting dog owners with training and behavior issues for over 15 years. She is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and holds a PhD in psychology with a focus on animal behavior from Columbia University. She uses positive reinforcement to train your dog. It’s family-friendly and effective!

How We Can Help

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Puppy Program

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your new puppy and need some support? Want your pup to be the best-behaved on the block? With this convenient training program, we’ll get your pup started off on the right paw with basic manners training and problem prevention.

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Rowdy Dog Program

Is your dog’s behavior annoying or embarrassing? Through our Rowdy Dog program for dogs 6 months or older, we’ll help you with basic training issues, such as jumping-up, pulling on leash, and not coming when called. Look forward to the relief of having a polite pup.

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Difficult Dog Program

Does your dog have strong emotional reactions to seemingly everyday circumstances? Are you concerned about their behavior? Through the Difficult Dog program, you’ll receive the tools and support that you need to achieve relief from your dog’s behavioral issues. 

Find out which program is best for you and your dog.