Advanced Dog Behavior Solutions

Dr. Wan (left) with class graduates

Dr. Wan (left) with class graduates

Does your four-legged friend need a little (or a lot of) training? Are you annoyed by your dog’s lack of manners or maybe even concerned about the behavior you are seeing? Did you just get a new puppy or dog? Meet Michele Wan, PhD, CAAB at Advanced Dog Behavior Solutions. She is both an adviser for your family and a coach for your dog. In addition to being a dog trainer, Michele is one of only two Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists in Connecticut. She will apply her advanced skills and expertise to improve your dog’s behavior.

Through multiple services, Michele lovingly works with adults and children to successfully teach pet dogs of any age to be well-mannered, well-adjusted family companions. She can help with common dog training issues, as well as more complex behavioral concerns.


Michele’s passion for understanding our interactions with dogs has driven her to earn multiple degrees and to stay informed on the latest training and treatment methods.

  • Doctorate in psychology focused on animal behavior from Columbia University; undergraduate degree in psychology from Brown University
  • Publications in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Behavioural Processes, Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Animal Genetics, and PLoS ONE
  • Research on dog-human communication, canine behavioral genetics, and cross-cultural differences in dog-keeping practices
  • Continuing education at professional conferences, such as Clicker Expo 2013, the UC Davis Dangerous Dogs Conference, and SPARCS 2014

Family-Friendly Teaching

Michele especially enjoys working with families, encouraging a safe, yet playful household. Her research has focused on communication between people and dogs, and she enjoys teaching children and parents how to read dog body language and build successful relationships with their dogs. As a previous school teacher and professor, she knows how to create a unique environment of learning and fun for all family members, including the furry ones.

  • Instructed animal behavior courses at Columbia University
  • Master’s degree in education
  • Utilizes positive reinforcement and science-based techniques, not force and intimidation


Michele has worked with hundreds of dogs over the course of more than a decade. In addition to training pet dogs and advising owners, she has worked with shelter dogs, therapy dogs, and “difficult dogs.”

  • Started out as an assistant in puppy, basic manners, “difficult dog,” and therapy dog classes
  • Has operated her own business, conducting in-home dog training and behavior consultations since 2007
  • Volunteered at the ASPCA shelter in New York City for six years and currently volunteers at Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue, assisting with behavior modification and answering adopters’ behavioral questions
  • Has been quoted in articles on dog training and behavior in the Brown Alumni Magazine, Mother Nature Network, Patch, Daily Voice, and Healthy Life CT
  • Has had her research featured in the Whole Dog Journal and News 12 Connecticut’s Pet Talk
  • Co-presented an educational webinar for dog professionals about dog body language with renowned behaviorist Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB