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Ask Dr. Wan: “Help! My Dogs Won’t Calm Down!”

Photo by flickr4jazz on Flickr.

“Hi, Dr. Wan. I have two English bulldogs. My girl is 4 years old, and my boy is 1. When they are both inside, it’s crazy play rolling, biting, and chasing. How can I get them both to calm down a little in the house? Also, jumping on the couches needs to stop. HELP.” – Cathy Sounds like your dogs are having quite a fun time with each other…and exasperating their owner in the process! First, I would recommend increasing exercise so that they are tired when they… Read more »

Ask Dr. Wan: “Help, my dog is afraid of other dogs!”


My dog Cooper was attacked by another dog last year when he was 6 months old.  Cooper and I love to walk, but hate to meet up with any other dogs.  He is very fearful and will begin yipping and almost screeching when he sees larger dogs.  He is fine with some of the smaller dogs.  What can I do to alleviate this behavior?   I was thinking about a bark collar, but do I really want to use this device on him and would it even serve the… Read more »